La Escuela de la Montaña

un proyecto de la asociación Pa Le Qanil

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Slide Show Presentation

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We are offering a tool that volunteers can use for Mountain School presentations. The tool is intended to be used in recruiting new students for the Mountain School. It has two parts: 1) a set of PowerPoint slides (MSRecruit) and 2) a table that contains text of talking points that goes with each slide (RecruitNotes).

For slides 1-15, each row of the table gives the number of the slide, a short description of the photo on the slide, and what you can say while the slide is showing. Slides 1-15 potentially are sufficient for one pretty long presentation. In addition to Slides 1-15, the PowerPoint file has several slides with information about 1) the two neighboring villages (Nuevo San Jose and Fatima) and 2) PLQ. They are part of the (MSRecruit) file as optionaladditionsto your presentation.

Also please note that there are no slides for later text in the table (rows with no slide number or photo description). The additional "slide-less" text covers housing, meals, and surroundings, how to get there, and how to register--all potentially useful information to have at your fingertips when presenting. We hope that you can pick and choose from these depending on your audience and time available for a presentation.

MSRecruit Slide Show Presentation (as pdf)

Recruit Notes (pdf)