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2015 Scholarships graduates

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Meet the 2015 Becas (Scholarships) graduates

img 4407 1Eighteen of the 82 students who participated in the 2015 scholarships program graduated from their study programs this year.

Front row, L to R: José Rodrigo Roblero Fernández, Misael Galindo Ambrocio Gómez, Manuel de Jesüs López Bartolón, Ergil Gerardo Chávez Delgado

Standing :Lidia Isabel Pérez Aguilar, Yesica Lainez Maldonado, Edgar David Mauricio Aguilón, Hector Rolando Lopez Ramirez, Mónica Yulisa Hernández Pastor, Anastacia Escobar Mejía, Carlos Rosendo García Pérez, Marta Luisa Coyoy Minera, Rudy Alexander Herrrera Méndez, Albin Omar Vásquez López, Wendy Astrid Escobar Angel, Yoceny Almira García Osório

Not shown: Heydi Grabriela Ramírez Armas and René Jeremías Cipriano Quiquivij

What’s exciting about this year’s graduates is that many want to continue their education at university. For most of them, that means taking a year or more out to raise some funds and help out younger brothers and sisters complete their own schooling. It is typical for brothers and sisters to “take turns” going to school, while others work to help out.

img 3477 1

Monica hopes to attend university to become an auditor. She plans to help her brothers and sisters, her family, and her community.

img 3478 1Anastacia plans to work so she can go to university. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in education. She wants to help her family and her community.


img 3479 1

Marta plans to find a job so that she can go to university to study pedagogy. She plans to help her family.



Carlos plans to find work for a year and then study electronics.img 3480 1


img 3481 1

Rudy plans to work to pay for future schooling so that he can become a public accountant.

img 3482 1


Albin graduated in accounting. He plans to help his family and community.

img 3483 1


Wendy will attend university next year to study marketing.


img 3484 1Yoceny will attend university next year to study auditing.

img 3485 1



Lidia plans to study medicine in university.

img 3486 1Jose plans to study systems engineering.

img 3487 1


Yesica plans to work to earn money so she can study drawing.

img 3488 1


Hector wants to study agricultural engineering.

img 3489 1


Edgar plans to go to university to become an electrical engineer.

img 3490 1


Manuel plans to rest up from his studies and find a job.

img 3491 1


Misael plans to study systems engineering.

img 3495 1


Ergil plans to study more in administration.


img 3492 1

Heydi plans to continue her studies to become an attorney.


img 3494 1René plans to continue his studies.