La Escuela de la Montaña

un proyecto de la asociación Pa Le Qanil

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Interviews With 2014 Scholarships Students

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We interviewed 4 of this year's scholarships students:

 Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos is 18 years old and from Nuevo San Jose. He is very grateful for the scholarship money, which has offered him the opportunity to advance each year in school for the last six years. In October, Juan Carlos graduated from school specialising in primary school education. He has already taken his entrance exams for university and hopes to study law and possibly become a lawyer. Right now, he is working during the day and continues to study at night. He says it is difficult to do both, but he is motivated to continue after receiving the chance to graduate from school, which, without the scholarship, would have been nearly impossible. He recognizes that everyone does not have access to the generosity and support that comes from the scholarships program and is so thankful for this opportunity.



Clemencia is 16 years old and from Nuevo San Jose. Without the scholarship, continuing her education would have been impossible because of the high costs. Her scholarship helps her and her family cover the monthly school fees and expenses. One of her favorite parts of the program was working with her group in the community, where she planted medicinal plants, planted small trees, and shared themes about protecting the environment with the community. She also helped maintain the water tank, which holds the drinking water that the entire community uses. Through the program, Clemencia hopes to continue studying with the goal of helping her family and her community. She is very thankful for the scholarship she received and says thank you to all of the donors and that she hopes God helps you like you helped her and her fellow students.



Angela is 15 years old and from Mujulia. She applied for a scholarship because she did not have enough resources to continue studying and without the scholarship, continuing school would not have been possible. Angela is a library promotor and helps Elida organize educational activities in the community library with local children and other teens.

After she graduates, she hopes to study to be a nurse, which takes three more years of study. After she completes that, she wants to return to work in the health center to support her community. Her scholarship has helped her to buy her books and notebooks that she needs for class, as well as the monthly cost. She liked working on her project this year because it supported the community by cleaning and helping out in the local school. She wants to thank the donors and the committee for giving her the opportunity to continue studying and for helping create a better future for Guatemala.


Maria Liliana

Maria Liliana is 17 years old and from Nuevo San Jose. Her family consists of herself, her sister, and their single mom so without the scholarship, she would not be able to attend school. She is currently studying accounting and wants to attend university after she graduates so she can support her mom and sister. Her favorite part about the  program is the lectures and talks they give to the students about Guatemala. Maria Liliana says as young people, she and her fellow scholarship students should know more about what happens in their country, especially about politics and how it works. The talks from the program give them that information. She is especially thankful for the scholarships because she knows there are other students who want to continue to study, but cannot without the money, and she is very appreciative of her opportunities through the program. María Liliana is also a library promotor, helping Elida with educational activities too.