La Escuela de la Montaña

un proyecto de la asociación Pa Le Qanil

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Jony and Lily

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Library successes

Local schools don't have reading books and the families can't afford to buy them. However, now they have the Otto René Castillo community library at La Escuela de la Montaña and it is changing their lives.

Jony, from Fátima aged 9

Jony recently told Elida "I learned to read in the library." When Elida started working at the library in September 2012, she read to local children and began to help them learn to read. Jony was an enthusiastic visitor to the library, coming daily to read with Elida. He struggled at first, and had to repeat firsjony and pablot grade primary school in 2013. Elida helped him to pass this year, the second time around. Jony is still a frequent visitor to the library, with his brothers and sisters.

Lily aged 11. from Nuevo San José, is another frequent visitor and enthusiastic reader at the library. She is "the best at reading in the class" according to her primary school teacher. Her mother Fransisca never had the opportunity to go to school, like many local women of her generation. Lily has been coming daily to read and her teacher said that she can see the difference.