La Escuela de la Montaña

un proyecto de la asociación Pa Le Qanil

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Arte en el Campo

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In mid 1998 we started giving informal free art and guitar classes to two talented local children.
This grew into the Arte en el Campo programme (art in the countryside), which started in 1999 as an extension of the work of the Luis Cardoza y Aragon Cultural Centre  run by PLQ (which provides free art, music, computer and English classes). Classes are held on Saturdays and are free, and all materials and instruments are provided. We employ two local teachers, who teach local children and teenagers art and music (guitar, keyboard, marimba) classes. Offering local children the opportunity to learn art and music enables them to express their creativity, a human right long denied under the military regimes of this country. We hope to provide the children with a love and appreciation for their art and culture. This programme is jointly funded by PLQ and the Escuela de la Montaña from proceeds from Spanish language tuition (plus occasional donations).

Participants of Arte en el Campo play the marimba