La Escuela de la Montaña

un proyecto de la asociación Pa Le Qanil

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Cafe organico con Fátima

Since the Escuela de la Montaña opened, we have been able to provide some employment to local people to harvest the coffee grown here. The Escuela de la Montaña was formerly a small coffee plantation and so still has a small hillside planted with coffee.

At the beginning, local people from our neighbouring community of Nuevo San José worked on the coffee area, and also from another nearby community called Los Angeles. When the community of Fátima was established in 2001, they began to work with the coffee, as a community project. For several years, the Escuela de la Montaña paid a lump sum to the community of Fátima on an annual basis, which they used for community projects. At the beginning, families used the money from the coffee contract to pay for their housing. Since then the coffee money has been used for a variety of projects, including most recently the project to pave their street.

Now that most of the projects to establish the community have been completed, the Escuela de la Montaña pays the workers in Fátima semi-annually, and they divide the funds depending on who has done the work during the year to weed, prune, fertilize and pick the coffee.

Our coffee is shade grown and  we do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, for everyone's health and for the environment. We have recently started replanting coffee and shade trees, with the hard work of people from Fátima and also with the help of Jorge and Mountain School students. As of 2016, the cafetal is beginning to show signs of regrowth as the first set of new plants begin to bear fruit. The 2015-2016 harvest was 585 pounds.