School Preservation Project


The Mountain School Is The Heart Of The Community

Thanks to all the amazing donors for the tremendous support you have given to the Emergency Food Project this past year. We delivered 10 food drops, that fed over 450 people in the communities each month.

Everyone is collaborating to keep the School alive until it’s time for students to return to the community. With a small amount of support, we can hold things together for the interim. Everyone is determined to make it through!

Outdoor Classroom

Keep The School Alive

The pandemic has temporarily shut down the Mountain School, but the grounds and buildings should be maintained during this time.  The Mountain School is the heart of the community, it needs to keep beating.  Members of the communities continue to be employed to keep the buildings and grounds maintained, which provides them some financial help get through this crisis as well.

Because the only income is coming from online classes taught by Mountain School teachers, the school is running a deficit that is unsustainable. More online classes will help, but not totally satisfy the needs going forward.

La Montaña Fund has agreed to support the preservation of the school to keep the essential workers employed there, hoping to outlast this pandemic.

Rony and Maria José

Sunday Charlas

Many of us would love to be able to visit the Mountain School again, but since we can’t right now, we are bringing the School to you.

You can attend special virtual Speaker Series programs featuring the Mountain School’s teachers , staff or community members.

Our first virtual conversation was with Lynn Haanen and Abelina Gomez, who founded the Mountain School. And the second featured two teachers, Rony Escobar and Maria José Rojas.

The charlas are given in Spanish and translated into English.

The speakers as well as the participants enjoyed the chance to reconnect and share stories about times together at the School.

We’ve had lots of requests for another program and plan to schedule one in the fall. It’s the rainy season right now in Guatemala and that can make internet connections unreliable – so watch for news of another program later this year.