Emergency Food Project

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A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Thanks to caring and generous donors, we supplied food staples like corn, beans, and rice
to 450 people in the communities near The Mountain School during 2020.

Food Project Success

The monthly food deliveries helped families in these communities survive a dreadful year of no employment, no transportation, no school and no clear end date. Thank you to each of you who helped make this happen. The families truly were beyond amazement that so many individuals cared enough about them to make sure they had food each month.

A Huge Thank You

Your help means more to us than you can ever imagine

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible

All the families are super happy and very, very appreciative of your help

Unloading the truck

Community Effort

La Montaña Fund collaborated with staff at PLQ in Xela to identify the best way to help the families. We bought food staples that could be delivered easily and provided them to every family in the communities of Fátima and Nuevo San Jose. Carlos Sánchez of PLQ was the hero who organized the entire purchase and delivery of the food.

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Everyone pitched in to divide the food

Food Baskets

Each person received staples to last several weeks. They were beyond happy to get this unexpected help from friends elsewhere.
– Corn
– Beans
– Rice
– Nutrition Powder
– Pasta
– Sugar
– Tomato Sauce
– Oatmeal
– Oil
– Laundry Detergent
– Chocolate (we couldn’t resist)

Raising pigs

Moving Forward – Women’s Garden Project

Without their income from providing meals for students at The Mountain School, families weren’t able to add fresh vegetables and meat to their meals. So the ever-creative women decided to organize a collaborative gardening project and raise their own vegetables, pigs and chickens.

Their idea called for lots of creative thinking. There wasn’t much in the way of potential garden space so they hit on the idea of hanging gardens! They have suspended rows of recycled soda bottles as planters, and lengths of pvc pipes as “rows” for the plants. Startup money from La Montaña Fund helped them get set up and added 3 pigs to the project.

Woman with food bag
You’re the best

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