Traveling to Escuela de la Montaña by Bus

Getting to the Mountain School is easy!
Located ten kilometers north of Colomba, the school is a two-hour bus ride from Quetzaltenango. The bus line that passes close to the school is the Golondrina, which departs approximately every half hour starting before dawn and continuing until around 5 pm from the Minerva Terminal in Zona 3 of Quetzaltenango. The bus fare is Q10. (If the bus ayudantes try to charge you more, please make note of the license plate number so that we can call the main office and complain.)

Your Stop is la piedra
Ask to be let off at the Escuela de la Montaña and/or “la piedra” (the stop’s official name), or La Entrada de Santo Domingo. (Look out for a small water mill in an open area or “Nueva Esperanza” on a church on the right-hand side – the stop is about 5 minutes after this. You should get up and head to the front of the bus here or soon after.)

If you are still on the bus when it arrives in Colomba, you have gone about 15 minutes too far. You can get a Golondrina bus, a pick-up or a microbus (minibus) back to the school (it should cost Q5 and take about 20 minutes).

Last Bus Leaves at 5:00 pm
The last bus from Colomba back to the school is at 5:00 pm. (If you miss this, please ring the mountain school at 4029-6722!)
WE URGE YOU TO LEAVE BY 10:00 am FROM QUETZALTENANGO BUT NO LATER THAN ON THE 2:30 pm BUS TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARRIVE BEFORE DARK AND IN TIME FOR THE INFORMATIONAL TOUR. The school is located less than five minutes down the road from the highway but the road is not lit and is paved with cobblestones – not an easy trek after sunset.

Plan to Arrive at The Mountain School on Sunday
It is best to try to arrive for lunch on Sunday as your week with the family runs from noon on Sunday through breakfast the following Sunday. If you get to Xela when it is too late to get to the Mountain School, please get word to the office in PLQ by 6 pm or phone either PLQ (+502 7765-2140) or La Escuela de la Montaña (+502 4029-6722) so we know that you will get to the school the next day and can inform your host family and arrange with your teacher.

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