Spanish Instruction and Classes

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Spend Your Week Surrounded By Spanish


The School is closed temporarily due to the coronavirus but our teachers are still working!

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We are supporting the families in our communities with our Emergency Food Project.

Making Kites
Making Kites


Our “total immersion” approach keeps you completely surrounded by Spanish speakers. Teachers, staff, community members, neighbor kids – they will all push you to use your Spanish, regardless of your level.

Day trips to other communities to hear their stories, evening lectures, and excursions to Colomba are more opportunities to be immersed in the language.

Ranchito Classroom
Ranchito Classroom

Individual Classes

One-on-one instruction 4 hours each day, customized to your level and interests.

Classes happen outside in a palm-thatched ranchito. On the first day, your teacher assesses your Spanish abilities and the two of you development a plan for the week.

Class activities combine grammar, conversation, vocabulary, and practice in reading and writing. And, of course, homework.

Teachers can adapt classes to your special needs and can use materials that you choose to bring to class. You have access to textbooks, dictionaries, and literature from the school library.

You may not be able to travel to Guatemala right now but you can still learn Spanish with the same great teachers ONLINE. We have affordable rates and flexible schedules. Get a taste of Guatemala while you are waiting to travel again.

Girls Reading
Practicing Spanish with a host family


Since none of the families hosting students for meals speak English, you’ll be practicing your Spanish with them three times a day. They are very patient with all levels of Spanish, and have great senses of humor. Students can chat in Spanish with teachers and staff before class and during break times.

Hanging out with the kids in the streets is a great way to practice, they are not shy about correcting you.